Module overview:

Advanced Facilitation

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This section introduces the module, describes the sections and provides quick links to the opinion piece, thinkpieces and accounts of practice.

What is advanced facilitation?

This section looks at a definition of Advanced Facilitation, as well as providing opportunities to explore your own personal philosophy of facilitation and to consider other facilitation aspects in greater depth.

Exploring adult learning

This section explores some new thinking about how adults learn and examines research by Mezirow, Illeris and Blaschke.

Developing facilitator education

In this section, you will consider the role that advanced facilitators may have in developing the skills of new and less experienced facilitator colleagues.

Facilitation competencies

This section will help you to explore the updated National College competency framework.

Advanced facilitation online

This section will help you consider the theoretical and practical aspects of outstanding online facilitation and the implications they may have for you in your role as an experienced facilitator.

Learning in action: towards outstanding facilitation practice

In this section, you will reflect further on the values inherent in outstanding facilitation. You will also have the opportunity to apply your learning from this module in the workplace and then to critically reflect on it as well as on your own practice and performance.

Review, analysis and reflection

In this section, you will make a summary of what you have learned, record the impact on your actions as a leader, and plan what you will do next.